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Woocommerce Mobile App Builder Service


Woocommerce Mobile App Builder Service

For the past 5 years we have been seeing an exponential growth of mobile-commerce. 2022 Q1 saw more than 50% of all traffic on the internet come from mobile devices like. With such a major contribution of mobile till now and with the increased penetration of smartphones this number is going to grow year on year.

A study by Business Insider shows that from 2015 to 2019 the share of mobile-commerce or m-commerce has doubled and was contributing 25% of the overall ecommerce business. Based on its study and forecasting they have predicted that m-commerce will grow at around 25% (Compound Annual Growth Rate) and will be contributing 44% of the overall ecommerce business which converts to around 45% of the overall online business. When we are looking at almost 50% contribution from a channel it makes absolute sense to put our business focus to that channel to tap on its growth.

What we have seen above are clear indicators that mobile apps are here to take over the eCommerce website market to make it more of an m-commerce market. Look around yourself and you will see more and more people switching to mobile devices for almost every aspect of online shopping due to ease of access, ease of use and faster transactions.

In this article we will discuss how to build a mobile app for WooCommerce store. Why Woocomerce? Woocommerce is an extension of wordpress that is used for e-commerce. With tons of features, ease of use, thousands of free modules catering to multiple business needs and ease of development; woocommerce just like wordpress is a favourite platform to build your ecommerce application. 

Woocommerce has a staggering 26% market share in terms of the overall ecommerce platform followed closely by Shopify. 

Open source platforms like WooCommerce, Opencart, Magento and Prestashop along with SAAS based platforms like Shopify and Enterprise Magento have made building an ecommerce website an accessible thing and has helped a lot of brick and mortar business to go Online, but building a mobile application is different ball game altogether and a lot of businesses thus have not forayed in that area. Some major reasons being the technology gap from business perspective, maintenance, finding the technology partner, etc. Off late building a mobile app has been seen as a heavy investment due to un-availability of something in the same line as open source platforms and also from a business perspective hiring a full app development team was a huge ask.

So what has changed now and what you need to do to give your existing customers the freedom of shopping from anywhere using your own mobile app.

Why Woocommerce Mobile App Builder Service

While you can build your own mobile app for your store but it involves huge learning curve and cost. Getting a mobile application for your woocommerce store has now become easy and pocket friendly through woocommerce mobile app builder service. You now can have your own app within 24hrs which connects and syncs with your woocommerce website.

So the features and facilities that you get when you get your woocommerce mobile app built through Woocommerce mobile app builder service are

  • Dynamic Homescreen
  • Stunning Design
  • Superfast performance
  • Real time syncing with web platform
  • Push Notifications
  • Personalization of app content
  • App specific discounts and promotions
  • Multilanguage and multicurrency
  • Multiple payment gateway integration
  • Single management for website and mobile app
  • Go Live in 24 hrs on Appstore and Playstore

The process to get your own mobile app for your woocommerce website is easy, pocket friendly and non-time consuming. Also what is get is easy maintenance for lifetime and also the entire code is handed over to you in case you want to get others involved or in future you want to have your own team work on the application.

The process of Woocommerce mobile app development is mostly automated that is what contributes to fast turnaround time. The app can be customized to match the branding and there are dynamic modules that can be moved across the homepage and can be switched on and off to give the unique look that is required. A simple module added to your woocommerce website will let you handle promotional parts like banners.

Well defined and secured web apis work as a sync between the mobile application and website so the elements like product categories, products, customers, orders are all synced up in real time. Even the custom part like product custom fields and different variations are also synced up.

Other benefits are push notifications in addition to emails that your customers get for things like order placement, order shipped and delivered. Push notification for new discounts, promotional events can also be sent from admin to all the mobile app users.

Woocommerce Mobile App Builder Service VS Tool

There are two different options available when it comes to Woocommerce mobile app builder option for your mobile app development. Service is where entire thing is done by the partner/vendor like Tecziq Solutions, whereas tool is something where instead of coding you get a graphical interface to build your mobile app by yourself. Tools are generally on monthly/yearly payment basis and the code is not provided to you but in case you take service from Tecziq everything is owned by you but we build and manage everything for you.


With the ever increasing market for m-commerce it is necessary to get your own woocommerce mobile application. At Tecziq we provide a service where we develop the mobile application for you withing 24 hours with customization and the best part is that the mobile application is owned by you and a onetime payment is required which comes to around one year cost of what is paid to woocommerce mobile app builder tool. We work as your technical partner and provide all the support and guidance in building the app as well as launching and maintaining your application. You can connect with us on sales@tecziq.com and we can discuss on how you can tap into the m-commerce trend and grow your business manifold.

Woocommerce Mobile App in 24 hours

Let us know your mobile app requirement for your m-commerce and get Live in no time

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