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Cyber Security Assessment - A Preventive Approach

Better safe than sorry! Cyber security assessment includes a set of penetration testing methodology performed through the usage of scripts and tools to know beforehand the security gaps that can be exploited and which should be  closed to keep a set of systems safe and secure from cyber threats.

cyber security assessment

Extensive Security Assessment Solutions

As a business to have data protection to prevent not only financial loss but also keep brand loyalty and maintain customer trust it is critical to have cyber security in place. To make your business resilient to cyber threats the first step is to identify and understand the vulnerabilities that can be exploited. Our Cyber security experts conduct extensive assessment and perform multiple types of penetration testing and utilize or knowledge base, expertise and experience to identify flaws and suggest preventive actions.

Web Application Penetration Testing

Penetration testing or as it is generally called Pentesting is a way to proactively find potential security vulnerailities in web applications.

Moving online is one of the pre-requisite for growth and with the increase and pace with which everyone is moving online it becomes critical for secure web applications and it has never been more critical then today.


Penetration testing of web applications need to be applied to test both public facing as well as internal side of the application. Penetration testing involves testers and cyber experts to exploit weaknesses in the application. These weaknesses can be from various aspects of the application like design, functionality and configuration.


The purpose is to see if system is vulnerable to access sensitive data or perform unauthorized actions on the application and also to identify the underlying causes of those vulnerabilities.


Penetration testing is a pro-active approach to finding vulnerability, reasons and ways to close those vulnerabilities. With the change in environment taking place at a faster pace nowadays it is important to perform “Pentesting” regularly.

Social Engineering Campaigns Penetration Testing

Social engineering attacks exploit the ignorance of most people towards the value of their simple personal data like name, email and phone number.

Social engineering attacks manipulate the ignorance, trust and curiosity of people to collect sensitive information to gain access to systems. Some of the methods employed by attackers are phishing emails, malicious websites and at times physical interaction.


Social engineering penetration testing is targeted towards vulnerabilities associated with both people and processes.


Experienced and certified cyber experts at Tecziq Solutions use phishing tools and emails tailored for your organization to test defense mechanisms, detection and reaction capabilities, of your employees to find susceptible team members and security measures that need improvement.


As part of the overall testing service and solution, our team provides remedies that might include training for detection capabilities for your employees as well as mechanisms in place to counter these attacks.

API Penetration Testing

Application Programming Interface (API) allow applications to interact with each other and attackers infiltrate them to access sensitive data passing through.

APIs are a set of rules and protocols using which applications can interact with each other to send and get data. If API is not secured attackers can get sensitive data as data is what is passing through the API.


An application interacting with a payment gateway, web application interacting with a mobile application, etc are some instances where if API is not secured then sensitive data can be stolen from in between and perform unauthorized actions.


For API penetration testing cyber security experts need to reverse engineer to know about its working and then identify the potential vulnerabilities and how they can be exploited. With most of the applictions going online and different systems interacting wth each other it becomes very critical to secure your API to have a secured system.


Team at Tecziq is experienced in identifying and addressing potential API vulnerabilities and help you to protect your applications sensitive data from falling into wrong hands.

Mobile Application Penetration Testing

With high usage of smart phones and applications going online there is a higher need for mobile application security to be in place.

Mobile application Pentesting is a critical tool for ensuring security of your mobile application. Cyber security experts an testers simulate cyber attacks to identify potential vulnerabilities that can be exploited to gain access to sensitive information.


Our experts bypass security controls and target known vulnerabilities to identify and exploit the weakness in the mobile application.


Mobile application pentesting also gives the organization an insight into their security standing and help them to identify areas where they need to improve for the current as well as future mobile application enhancements.


Our detailed testing, reporting and recommendation helps organization to improve their security infrastructure.

Cloud Infrastructure Penetration Testing

With businesses and applications moving online on the cloud, having a safe and secured cloud infrastructure is critical for business continuity.

Most expensive and up to date infrastructure can still be prone to cyber attack and this is where cloud infra Pentesting plays an important role. Cloud penetration testing works on breaking  into the system and finding weakness in the system and then providing recommendation to mend those.


With expertise in AWS, Azure, Digital Ocean, OVH and Google Cloud we cover the most popular cloud service providers. Our cyber security experts and testers perform comprehensive pentesting of your cloud infrastructure and environment to identify the vulnerabilities.


By eliminating the weakness in the system you can secure yourself from data breaches as well as also ensure the business continuity which is very critical as businesses that are online need to be available 24×7 for the customers. Cloud security is also an important aspect for various security certification compliance like PCI.

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