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Cyber Security Consultancy Services Aligned with your Business Needs

Maintaining cyber security in a constantly evolving threat landscape is a challenge for all organizations. Traditional reactive approaches are no more aligned with business needs. Navigating the complexities of cyber security can be frustrating for small or medium-sized businesses, you can benefit from our cyber security consultancy services and solutions.


Simple and effective approach to Cyber Security

Protect Your Company From cyber threats. We provide full cybersecurity strategy and ongoing management to keep your company and applications protected.

Cyber security requirement

Requirement Understanding

Security evaluation starts with understanding organization's and application's varying need based on demographics and target customers and type of industry.

cyber security threat detection

Security Evaluation

Based on requirement cyber security experts starts performing tests and analyze the gaps that should be plugged, which are weighted based on criticality and priority.

cyber security gaps closure

Gap Closure

Our team of cyber security experts align with client team in getting the gaps closed and creating a water tight and secured system along with defined next steps to keep everything secured

managed cyber security

Continued Evaluation & Management

Our Cyber security consultancy services works in parallel with core business and we understand that with ever evolving technological landscape the threat is also evolving and a continued effort is required to keep threats at bay.

Our Professional Cyber Security Consultancy Services

We have a diverse portfolio of cyber security consultancy services that help us to start broad and zero in on your exact business goals and tailor our solution accordingly. From crisis control to proactive planning our, cyber security experts can handle the toughest cybersecurity challenges.

Managed Cyber Security

Proactive protection from cyber threats and meet compliance requirements

Managed Cloud Solutions

Industry-leading cloud technology and services to maximize business productivity

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Cyber Security Assessment

Penetration testing by certified security experts to improve and strengthen security

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Industries We Work With

Delivering exceptional industry specific cyber security solutions tailored to your business operation and security goals.

Banking Cyber Security

Banking and financial institutions are facing a catch 22 situation where on one hand they want to provide enhanced customer experience by adopting the cloud while on the other hand with this approach they are faced with increased cybesecurity attack risks.

Banks have the most stringent regulatory requirements and with cyberattacks becoming more sophisticated over period of time they are forced to infuse cybersecurity into their system. The areas that we help the banking and financial intitutions are:

A comprehensive data and cyber security implementation is a three legged table that stands on amalgamation of people, processes and technologies.

Tecziq’s suite of cyber security solutions helps banks and financial institutions to put in place security system that protects data, maintain business continuity, smooth transitioning to cloud and regular audits and updates to keep cyberattacks at bay.

Ecommerce Cyber Security

eCommerce sites are treasure troves of both personal as well as financial data and this makes them the most preferred target of cyber attacks. Loss of data as well as any breach in security has a major impact to any business in terms of financial loss as well as loss of customer trust. As per report by Juniper Research online payment frauds will amount to $206 billion between the years 2021 to 2025.

At Tecziq we have been helping eCommerce business owners to upgrade their sites to stay safe from cyber attacks as cyber attackers are coming up with new skills and finding new vulnerabilities to exploit. We have implemented and trained eCommerce business to follow best practices as that is the only way to stay ahead of the curve.

Some of the areas that we cover as pert of our Cyber security solutions are:

With increase in frequency and sophistication of cyber attacks it has become imperative to employ services of Cyber security experts to protect your business and your customers against cyber threats.

Tecziq is your team of hired security guards, automated alarm system and suit of surveillance cameras to ensure that your customers can shop in a secure environment and you are not at threat of loosing either our money or customers.

Cyber Security In Education

Internet has made everything faster and easily accessible for educational institutions thus making them more efficient in their overall operations. The use of internet has also make the institutions vulnerable to cyber attack and theft and as per recent survey educational institutions are 6th most targeted industry and they are also considered as the least secure business sector. A whooping 13% of all data security breached was from education sector. It therefore becomes very critical to make educational institutions secure to safeguard the information of students, parents, staffs and research data so it can not be misused.

The importance of cyber-security in education sector needs to be given due care considering that now online systems are an integral part of institutions big and small everywhere. It is therefore very important to implement proper security for networks and computers to save it from unauthorized people so that the personal information which is a valuable asset of any educational institution remains secure.

A lot of incidents in recent past have come in light related to ransomware that led to financial loss to multiple universities and also incident where students safety was compromised due to CCTV being hacked and footage being Live-streamed. Educational institutions are assumed to be safeguarding their students a lot of whom are minors but with weak Cyber-security in place that is at high risk.

Based on our past experience our cyber security experts have highlighted that the major areas for cyber security threats in educational institutions are phishing, malware, ransomware, spam, social engineering and denial of service attacks. These are used mainly for financial gains by the cyber attackers. Apart from financial gains we have seen that Universities involved in scientific, engineering and medical research need to have a strong cyber security system in place so the research data is not lost or misused.

Universities/Colleges need to be suitably protected, as it’s thought that scientific, engineering and medical research by UK Universities have been previously compromised by hackers. At Tecziq we strengthen security of education institutions to save them from seurity threats like phishing, malware, ransomware, spam, social engineering and denial of service attacks.


Tecziq can help educational institutions with securing their system from various types of attacks

DDoS Attack

Save institutions from widespread disruption to their network bringing a lot of things to standstill

Data Theft

Safeguarding sensitive data like names and addresses which can be be stolen to sell the information to a third party or use it to extort money.

Financial Exploitation

Another motive for hackers carrying out an attack on an educational institution is for financial gain. This might not be as high of a risk for public schools, but with private institutions and Universities/Colleges handling a large number of student fees, they’re a prime target for cyber criminals


The fourth reason why education is a target for cyber crime is espionage. In the case of higher education institutes like Universities/Colleges, they’re often centers for research and hold valuable intellectual property.

Complete Cyber Security Consultancy Services

Peace of mind with a safe and secured environment for all your applications and infrastructure from cyber threats.

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