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Managed Cyber Security Services Keep Businesses Secured

Managed cyber security service keeps businesses safe through pro-active  care and precautionary steps taken. Knowing that your business are in safe hands and proper care will be taken in case of any emergency is a peace of mind required to grow your business.

managed cyber security

Do you believe you are too small to be hit by cyber threat!
Well, think again.

SMBs constituted 43% of the total businesses impacted by cyber attack in 2022 as per Verizon’s report

Managed Cyber Security Services

A comprehensive suite of services are covered under the managed cyber security services. A pro-active and a precautionary approach to keep the entire business, applications and infrastructure safe from the cyber threat and in case of any incident have in place a corrective and preventive action plan. A team of cyber security experts at your disposal to provide the peace of mind through a secured environment.

Vulnerability Scanning

Scanning and identifying vulnerabilities in systems, networks, and software applications by utilizing best in class tools and processes. Our team set up automated tasks defined to audit systems that helps organizations to prioritize security efforts and address high impact vulnerabilities in a timely manner to negate or minimize the threat and impact .

Managed Detection and Response

An outsourced service that saves you from building and maintaining an in-house security center. We assign a dedicated team and deploy tools for round the clock monitoring of your networks, endpoints and cloud environments to detect any threat and mitigate it quickly. Monitoring of warning signals and preventive actions taken to avoid security threats.

Incident Response and Forensics

A dedicated team to deal with the immediate aftermath of a security incident. Investigation, root cause analysis and quick service recovery that helps business to have the least impact of any attack. We help businesses understand what happened, identify the gap that allowed it to happen, and develop a plan to prevent future incidents.

Virtual CISO

Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) as a solution from a team of experienced cyber security experts to curtail your expense and avoid the complex procedure of building an in-house security team. A virtual CISO provides security and compliance guidance for designing and building security programs that are aligned with your business objectives and keep your business safe at a fraction of a cost of building a team.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

We provide Business continuity services that includes planning and crafting of policies and solutions that establishes risk management procedures with the aim to prevent interruptions to mission-critical services. Our Disaster recovery services ensures re-establishing organization to full function with no data loss and as little downtime as possible. We tailor our services based on the size of organization as well as business objective.

Compliance Gap Assesment

Our team of cyber security experts perform extensive review and audit to identify gaps and areas of improvement in your organization to help you understand the current state of your cyber security risks and vulnerabilities. The reviews are in line with identifying gaps against formal security certification audits. Reviews are followed by recommendation and guidance on steps to be taken to become secured as well as certification compliant .

Benefits of Managed Cyber Security Services​

managed cyber security

Complete Cyber Security Consultancy Services

Peace of mind with a safe and secured environment for all your applications and infrastructure from cyber threats.

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