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Hire Dedicated Python Developers on Hourly and Monthly Basis

Hire dedicated Python developers having experience on  Django, Flask and machine learning. Hire and integrate skilled Python developers into your existing team or create a new team to build scalable web and desktop applications and software. Get quick access to a pool of Python developers with versatile skill combination. Hire dedicated Python developers Who will work as your remote extended team fully dedicated to your work. 

Hire Dedicated Python Developers remotely To Get High Engagement And Reduced Cost On Workforce!

Hire dedicated Python developers to build high performance and flexible web applications and software. Our Python development team has experience of working on multiple Python technology and libraries like Django, Flask, MySQL, Tensorflow, OpenCV, Django Rest Framework, Web sockets (Django channels), Pandas, NumPy, Tkinter along with frontend technologies like front end technologies like HTML, CSS, jQuery, Ajax, Bootstrap.

We have industry’s best and experienced Python developers available for hire. Our full stack Python developer’s expertise can be leveraged to build industry leading web solutions in technology stack like Python + Reactjs, Python + Angular, Python + Html/CSS.

Hire Dedicated Python Developers for multiple services

Python Web Development

Hire our Python developers who can develop web applications using the Django and Flask framework framework. One is if you are building multiple out-of-the-box features while the later works as an effortless solution that allows freedom to choose design patterns, databases, or tools.

Python Machine Learning

Our Python developers have experience of working on Machine Learning based applications. Hire our Python developers and leverage their Machine Learning expertise to develop next gen chatbot, e-commerce application, face recognition software and other intelligent applications as required.

Python Maintenance and support

Our Python developers with extensive experience of working on various projects have technical advantage of quickly understanding the existing systems to support and maintain it.

Python API Development

Hire Python developers to develop APIs with the Django REST Framework. APIs built to enable seamless communication between applications to get the most from your microservices.

Python Application Migration

Our python developers are well versed with the seamless migration of application from various technologies like php, .Net and java to Python.

Industries That We Work With

Software and Mobile application development for Insurance industry


Software and Mobile application development for Biotechnology industry


software and Mobile application development for Travel industry


Software and Mobile application development for Fitness industry


Software and Mobile application development for Real estate industry

Real Estate

Software and Mobile application development for Eductaion industry


Software and Mobile application development for Retail industry


Software and Mobile application development for Video Streaming industry


Software and Mobile application development for Gaming industry


Why Hire From Us - The Tecziq's Advantage

Cost Saving

Save around 50% when you hire developers from Tecziq who are based out of India and work remotely as compared to local talent of same expertise

Save Effort

No more putting in long effort in sourcing the right candidate and follow the tedious process to be left dis-satisfied at the end. Hire fast - Scale up and Scale down with ease

Beat Talent Crunch

With a pool of Python developers always available there is never a talent crunch. Also this gives you freedom to scale up anytime to fasten your timeline to meet your goals

No Obligation Interview

If you interview our Python developers and you do not like them we will provide you with more candidates, no obligation to hire (but we are sure you will hire)

NDA & Data Security

When you plan to hire Python developers from Tecziq, we sign NDA with you and our data security policy and business continuity plan is put in place for you

Full Transparency

We provide full and open communication flow between you and the new team. We also share timesheet reports and give access to our PM tool to track developers activity

What Is Involved In Hiring Developers From Us

Based on your requirement, and experience of the developer our rates for dedicated developers start at $1600/month. In this we also include a project manager and a QA professional.

We generally work with atleast 3-4 overlapping hours with the client’s local hours, so both the teams communicate with ease. In special cases our team works fully in sync with the local hours.

We use Email, Skype, Direct Phone access, Whatsapp, Hangout to communicate with our clients.

We use our inhouse developed PM tool, Github, Slack and Freedcamp. However our team will be happy to adapt to any other Tools you use for project development and management.

Generally we assign developers who you will be suitable for your projects once we understand your needs. We would first suggest you best of the developers that can fulfill your needs. However, if you are not satisfied with that, we can offer you alternatives and you can make a selection. We also provide the option where you can interview the person and then select.

It is your team and we believe in 100% transparency. Our clients get daily, weekly and monthly reports of your team’s work and time spent on each project. The report frequency, content and format are tailored as per client requirements and usability of these reports.

Our developers perform QA at certain level by utilizing code review, peer review and unit testing. But to get the product 100% compliant to your requirements we provide QA service as a complementary service for perfect verification and validation.

Generally we sign NDA and scope of work is discussed, we expect our clients to hire developers from us for a minimum period of 3 months; also provide us at least 1 month notice period before scaling down their dedicated team.