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Legacy System Migration to latest High Performing and Scalable Technology

Our technology experts understand and guide how to increase life of existing application by migrating to latest technology stack keeping in check the costs involved, bring in more manageability with limited and controlled business disruption and least amount of risk to your business

Providing Application and Infrastructure Migration and Legacy System Migration Services in USA

The fast moving and ever changing technology landscape is being recognized by companies and creating  opportunity to move their old legacy system to newer technology stacks. The migration brings to your business better performance through more enhanced and optimized system architecture, lower maintenance costs, more manageability and scalability,  better data readability and analysis.

At Tecziq we have technology experts who help consult and provide unique road-map and solutions to migrate your old system to newer technology stack. What you get at Tecziq is an end-to-end solution for seamless and worry-free legacy system migration which involves planning,  upgrading, migrating, verifying, validating, migrating data, after support, training and maintenance.

Migrating multiple systems from Legacy to latest technology like NodeJs, ReactJs, AngularJs, etc we at Tecziq have a well defined migration process that is customized to match your systems migration need. Our team has been involved in migrating applications in multiple technical environments across varied industries giving them elaborate experience.

Our well defined, tried and tested SPEEED ( Strategize | Plan | Execute | Evaluate | Enhance | Deliver) approach help us to deliver the best possible solution in the most optimum time frame.

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Application and Infrastructure Migration To Newer Technology and Cloud

Well defined methodology, state of the art technology, experienced technology and infrastructure experts giving new life to your application through Legacy System Migration Services in USA.

Benefits earned through Legacy Application Migration

Newer And Latest Technology Stack

Improved and Scalable Architecture

Easier Integration with Applications

Reduced Maintenance Cost

Reduced or Zero Downtime

Enhanced and Improved Performance

Approach For Legacy Application Migration

Understanding Business Logic of Application

Current Application And Infrastructure Analysis

Identification of Right Technology, Platform and Infrastructure

Enhancement of obsolete sections by new development or integration

Migration of application to new technology or platform

Integration and Validation of the system

Migration of Data and Validation

Minimal downtime of legacy application and switching to updated application


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