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Hire Dedicated Developers

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We simplify the process of building high-performing teams through Hire Dedicated Developers

Hire dedicated developers from a team of 25+ developers and designers with expertise in their respective trade to help your business achieve its goal. A team with a complementing mixture of skills, experience and knowledge  delivering robust web and mobile based applications used by companies of all sizes.

Simple and fast team building approach

Hire dedicated developers or a team ready to work on your project in a weeks time and the team attains peak performance in around 3-4 weeks time. Scaling up and Scaling down the team is very flexible and customized as per your needs.

No Micro management of your extended team

Teams performance  productivity and engagement  depends a lot on the team leads. All our team comes with an experienced lead to handle the communication and project management of the team.

Expected quality and timely delivery

Well managed team and project planning leads to delivering on time as promised and with the support of expert QA engineers the team also delivers expected Quality conforming to the project requirement and expectation.

Hire experienced Software development team today

SMEs and Big companies hire our developers to work on their projects independently and as extension of their teams

Laravel developers who are tested and trained on their capability to solve problems through good quality code and not just write code. All our developers are full stack developers. We also have developers on CodeIgniter and  Symfony.

A team of developers working on Nodejs, the most acceptable and fastest growing backend technology with the knowledge of the ever changing technology terrain. We have  back-end as well as full stack MEAN and MERN developers.

Experience of our Angular JS developers go beyond simple applications and it extends to applications involving Live streaming and chatting capabilities. Our team comprises of Frontend and full Stack  MEAN developers.

Fast, clean and light frontend development is what makes our React developers to be must have in your team. Hire dedicated developers for frontend and full stack work on MERN tech stack.

Hire dedicated developers who are well experienced in Python which is the most sought after and most preferred technology when it comes to Machine learning, AI and data analytics.

UI UX Designer

Experienced and cost effective UI and UX developers from a professional organization with the flexibility of fast scaling up and scaling down. Hire dedicated developers who can work on your frontend project.

HTML Developers

Giving life to awesome design through the use of html, css and Js is what makes our applications not only look but also feel amazing and making your customers come back again and again. 

Android developers are experienced in developing both native as well as hybrid mobile applications using Android Studio, Flutter, ionic and React native. We provide backward compatibility.

Developers with experience of working on Swift as well as objective C on latest and previous version of X-code. Native and hybrid ios application development capability exists in the team.

Game Developers

Our game developers work on two of the latest technologies, Html5 and Unity to develop an entertaining experience for your players. Games that can be played on web browsers as well as mobile applications.

Devops Engineer

Devops expert engineers who can make your product life-cycle smooth, faster, streamlined and available all the time for your users. Experienced on various tools, technologies and platforms that are part of Devops as a service.

Cloud Infrastructure

Engineers expert on widely used cloud service providers AWS, Azure and Digital Ocean. Our experts can handle your cloud strategy , migration and maintenance and provide a seamless transition to cloud with best possible solution.

Startups and product owners hire our domain expert software development team to build and manage their software solutions

Live Streaming Software Development Team

Ecommerce Application Development Team

E Learning Software Development Team

Fitness Application Development Team

Real Estate Software Development Team

Chatbot And Machine Learning Application Development Team

What is involved in hiring Tecziq’s development team

Based on your requirement, and experience of the developer our rates for dedicated developers start at $1600/month. In this we also include a project manager and a QA professional.

We generally work with atleast 3-4 overlapping hours with the client’s local hours, so both the teams communicate with ease. In special cases our team works fully in sync with the local hours.

We use Email, Skype, Direct Phone access, Whatsapp, Hangout to communicate with our clients.

We use our inhouse developed PM tool, Github, Slack and Freedcamp. However our team will be happy to adapt to any other Tools you use for project development and management.

Generally we assign developers who you will be suitable for your projects once we understand your needs. We would first suggest you best of the developers that can fulfill your needs. However, if you are not satisfied with that, we can offer you alternatives and you can make a selection. We also provide the option where you can interview the person and then select.

It is your team and we believe in 100% transparency. Our clients get daily, weekly and monthly reports of your team’s work and time spent on each project. The report frequency, content and format are tailored as per client requirements and usability of these reports.

Our developers perform QA at certain level by utilizing code review, peer review and unit testing. But to get the product 100% compliant to your requirements we provide QA service as a complementary service for perfect verification and validation.

Generally we sign NDA and scope of work is discussed, we expect our clients to hire developers from us for a minimum period of 3 months; also provide us at least 1 month notice period before scaling down their dedicated team.

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