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Tecziq ties up as technology partner with FitQ a leading Health Coach Brand

Nothing gives more pleasure than being part of something that is helping others. One such Initiative is FITQ a leading fitness consultancy brand helping people to stay fit through Healthy eating, exercises and positive thinking. A personalized approach for its every member is what makes FitQ unique in the domain. FitQ is not providing one model fits all but instead is looking into each members dietary need, body types, allergies, living environment, lifestyle, etc and then suggesting the best way forward for a healthier life.

With its growing member base FitQ sees a need of more advanced technologies to cater to its members in better and efficient ways and make things easier and approachable to them and this is where Tecziq comes into the picture. We will be partnering with FitQ and understand their requirements with respect to their processes that they want to be leveraged.

Tecziq’s Managing Director Mr. Tariq Kamal said, “It is a great opportunity for both of us to build something that will be out there helping people to keep fit in an efficient way. We will be discussing with team FitQ about the things that we see can be leveraged using our technological expertise. One such thing that we have both agreed upon apart from other things is the Fitness app that is one of our in-house products. We will be customizing it based on FitQ needs and this is just the beginning”.

On this merger Mr. Yusuf Khan, Founder and Elite Trainer FITQ said. “We are quite excited and looking forward to this partnership. It is a big leap for us and we thought of various options and then settled with team Tecziq as they seem to understand where we want to take FITQ and how technology is going to help us pave the way. We want to use technology but DO NOT WANT TO LOSE ON THE PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP with each of our clients. This is what makes us unique. We are looking forward to this partnership and good things to come”.

Tecziq has already finalized on one of the new initiatives that is required and both the team agrees on the same and soon we will be seeing FitQ content on a new Tecziq home grown multi-platform.

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