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The best opencart plugin to showcase
product highlights to prospective buyers

Steps For Installation

To install the plugin go to Admin >> Extension >> Installer

Clicking on blue ‘upload’ button will open a popup and then you have to select the extension zip file which will have the name ‘product_highlight.ocmod.zip’ inside ‘extensions’ directory.


Once it is successfully uploaded you will see something like the below screen



After this we have to go to modification section (Admin >> Extension > >Modification).


Here we need to apply the modifications for the extension we have just installed in above mentioned steps.


We need to click on refresh button which is on top right corner of the page. After success you will see a success message.



We now have to apply certain permission to extension. To apply permission we will go to below section and select the relevant ‘user group’. Then check the highlight permission from both the groups.



Module Configuration

Now you have to go to (Extension > Extension > Modules) section to enable the module. After successful installation you will see below two buttons corresponding to the extension. Click on edit (pencil icon) to update the status.



While editing you will see two options –

  1. Status: Global status for module.

Clear data from database when uninstall: This holds the permission to whether delete data related to this module from products database when uninstalled. By default it is set to ‘Disabled’.


Set Product Values

To assign ‘highlight’ values for products, we will go to (Admin > Catalog > Products) and edit/add a product. On landing page when you scroll a bit, you will see a new highlight field added to the page.



Just update whatever values you want in this and click on save on top right corner of page. That’s all.


Product highlight you add on backend section will be displayed on product pages like shown below



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