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Chatbots – The way ahead for effective and efficient customer communication

In 2011, AI combined with messaging platforms came up with a way for companies to interact with their customers. This is what a ChatBot stands for. It basically carries out interaction with customers based on pre-made phrases that improves over a period of time as the Bot learns new things based on the conversations.

As the time progressed ChatBots have evolved and reached a high level of maturity and we now have Simple as well as Smart ChatBots that can handle complex situations like non-verbal communication, Multilanguage conversation as well as make tem quite interactive.

Some of the benefits that businesses can get by implementing ChatBots are:

  1. Better Customer Satisfaction (24×7 availability): Being a program the availability of Chatbot is not dependent on time or place; it is available anytime all the time. Your customer does not have to wait for the team to come online to answer and that leads to customer satisfaction. Your customers get the answers every time they have a query irrespective of the time of day or night.
  2. Managing high volume enquiry: You can not have unlimited amount of customer support executives and this only a limited number of queries/enquiries can be handled. With ChatBots there is no such limitation and unlimited number of customers can be handled all the time.
  3. Save humans to handle qualitative enquiries: With ChatBots handling the general enquiries and queries it gives your customer support executives to handle complex situations or situations which require human intervention. They are not fatigued by handling the general queries that are now handled by the ChatBot

Some of the benefits that businesses can get by implementing ChatBots are:

  1. Better Customer Satisfaction (24×7 availability):
  2. Managing high volume enquiry:
  3. Save humans to handle qualitative enquiries:
  4. Automation of Repetitive work: In every business a lot of queries from customers are generic or repetitive and you do not need a human to answer the same queries again and again. The ChatBot handles this scenario very easily based on its learning from the past interactions.
  5. No wait time: There is no wait time for the customers, leading to a happy customer. Human’s will interpret and answer to a lot of enquiries but with ChatBots the answer and solution is instantaneous. Moreover as mentioned earlier there is no “Offline” time with ChatBots and hence no wait time for your customers.
  6. Cut on operational cost: With advancement and a lot of companies developing ChatBots getting a customized ChatBot from Tecziq Solutions is a very cost effective option. The cost of a ChatBot for a year is just a fraction of the cost of the cheapest Customer Care executive add to it that a single ChatBot instance can handle unlimited amount of customers.
  7. Better and Consistent Interaction: The interaction between a ChatBot and your customer is faster, better and more consistent across customers because there is no dependency on how human. Quality of interaction varies from one customer executive to another based on understanding, language, time of day, fatigue, mood, etc while that is not the case with ChatBot; thus your customers get consistent solutions to their generic enquiry
  8. Fast Learning: Time required to teach a customer executive versus the time required to teach a ChatBot is quite low. At Tecziq we have made the Bots learn and understand basic questions and queries beforehand so that you can start from day one and then the Bot can be made to learn specific things for related to your industry and business. So the learning curve of a ChatBot is much more steeper as compared to a human.

Few examples to see the implementation of Bots in various industries

1. Ecommerce

  • Can help in up sell / cross sell – ChatBots can be used to either showcase new products or can even suggest products to buy based on the recent purchase
  • Remind about products in basket – Send a reminder to your customer in case products are left in basket without buying
  • Recommend the right product – Based on customer interaction the Bot can shortlist the right product or present a very relevant product list to your customer thus helping him to buy
  • Return / Query purchased products – Chatbots can help your customers in case they want to return a product or have query related to their orders.
  • General enquiries – As the Bots re trained they can handle a lot of general queries that your customer might have
  • Show specific Discounts – Chatbots can show specific and relevant discounts to your customers based on what they are looking for
  • Inform about a new lead – When a prospective customer is interacting with the ChatBot it can send over mail / message highlighting about a new lead that can then be handled exclusively to be converted to a customer

2. Health and Fitness

  • Book appointment : Chatbots can show the availability of a trainer / doctor / service and book the appointments in an interactive way
  • Suggest Doctors: Based on the input from your patient the ChatBot can suggest who is the relevant doctor, their availability and also help in booking the appointment

Few examples to see the implementation of Bots in various industries

1. Ecommerce

2. Health and Fitness

  • Book appointment
  • Suggest Doctors
  • Suggest Exercises/Diets: Based on your present health as well as your goal a ChatBot can suggest what sort of exercises / diet you should opt for


  • Book Table: Suggest table based on your customers requirement as well as book the table
  • Show the specials : Up sell the specials for the day
  • Recommendation: Based on the past order history can suggest what you can order and from where and what portion will be sufficient


  • Suggest location: Based on the duration, proximity, likes, etc suggest a location that will be best suited
  • Suggest Hotels / Flights: For a going from one place to another what are the best suited flights and hotels that your customers can book can also be shown by a ChatBot

Apart from these the Bots can be used to handle a lot of general queries

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