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6 popular Node Js Frameworks to choose from

In this article we look at 6 top Node.js frameworks. These are popular for their lightweight, scalable and simplified development process. Let’s look in brief at these 6 Node Js frameworks.


Express.js is very lightweight and flexible framework and it has some very robust features for web and mobile application development. Express.js framework provides a layer of fundamental web application features without obscuring Node.js features. Express.js is one of the top web application frameworks of Node.js and there are a number of popular frameworks that are based on Express.js.


Meteor.js is an open-source platform and is well-known for making javascript applications simple, efficient and scalable. Meteor.js is considered to be a very mature framework and it has taken almost a decade of hard work to bring it to the level of maturity it is today.


Koa.js middleware flows in a stack-like manner thus allowing to perform actions downstream then filter and manipulate the response upstream. Koa.js is quite a new framework and it is designed by the team which is behind Express.js. The though behind Koa.js was to make a framework that is smaller, more expressive and provides a more robust foundation for web apps and APIs. Koa.js leverages async functions thus allowing to forget callbacks and increase error-handling. Koa.js does not bundle any middleware within its core and provides an elegant suite of methods that make writing servers fast and enjoyable.


Sails.js is designed to match the familiar and famous MVC pattern of frameworks like RoR with support for modern application requirements thus making it one of the most famous MVC frameworks for Node.js. It provides features like data-driven APIs with a scalable and service-oriented architecture.


Hapi.js is an open-source framework which is used to build web services such as JSON API, websites and HTTP proxy applications. Hapi.js is an open source framework. Eran Hammer is behind the development of this framework and it was developed and designed to handle the Walmart’s traffic on Black Friday. Hapi.js used Express.js framework in the original version.


Nest.js is the fastest growing and acceptable framework for typescript. It is open-source, extensible, versatile and a progressive Node.js framework suited for demanding backend systems. Nest.js takes the scalable Node.js servers to a whole new level by providing facility to develop scalable, testable and loosely coupled applications.


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