There are a lot of popular CMS solutions like Wordpress, Drupal, joomla, and more and they more or less fulfill most of the requirements and situations. One thing to note is that these fit in most but not all situations thus opening the gates for Custom CMS solution.


Why custom Content Management System

Advanced features: Even though the general off the shelf CMS solutions can be worked upon to create advanced functions a lot of time when we are custom building a lot of things on off the shelf CMS there lies the future risk of the core being updated and bring the entire thing to a stop.

Corporate Security concerns: At times security concerns can be related to allowed number of licences. As these are open source so they are more prone to security threats from bots and hackers as everyone knows the structure.

A simpler interface with valid functionalities: Create workflows as per your requirement without any limitation, only have the functionalities that you require instead having 100s of them with no use, Create dashboards & reports as per your usage. A lot of things get limited with the usage of Off the shelf CMS.

You require ownership: Remember, when you build a site with an open-source CMS, you may not "own" the software. Start-ups who are interested in future acquisitions of technology or similar would be disserved by building on top of an open-source framework, which would bring about licensing issues in the future.

Ease of Integration: A custom CMS can be easily integrated with back office system and business processes, thus saving your lot of time on the administration

Ease of Use: Custom CMS are easy to use as they have a user friendly interface through which a user can easily edit, delete or modify any content, image of the website.


Features of Our custom CMS

Easy-to-use visual editor: WYSIWYG editor, you can add text, images, and video clips to your site in a couple of mouse clicks

Content Creation and Publishing: Create pages and entire sections without any technical or programming skills.

Flexible layout: Multiple templates can be created so all the content manager has to do is select the appropriate layout and start adding the content.

Search engine-friendly URLs: URLs are critical for search engine optimization. Using descriptive, English like, URL's instead of long cryptic ones, a search engine will be able to utilize the data in the URL to better optimize your site.

Visitor statistics: Learn not only when people come to your site, but how many and exactly where they go. Identifying these trends will help you better serve your customers by learning what is and what is not important to your visitors.

Advanced caching: For high traffic sites, we utilize caching to eliminate unnecessary database queries. This increases site performance and decreases page load time.

Automatically updated sitemap: When pages are added, removed or relocated, the site map is automatically updated. This helps search engines to index the pages of your site correctly and maintains optimal search engine positioning.

Advanced User Management: Manage multiple users with custom defined access and workflow

Multiple Websites: Share the resources in the content management tool on multiple sites for different divisions within your organization.


Technology at Play


Development Technology
PHP, Java, .NET

MVC Frameworks
Struts, Spring, Hibernate, CodeIgnitor, Zend, Laravel, Yii, Symfony, .Net


HTML5, CSS3, AngularJS


We have developed an in-house model S.P.E.E.E.D to be applied to all our projects; strategize, plan, execute, evaluate,, enhance and deliver is an approach that we follow for making more and more of our clients happier.A team of SMEs, agile experts, professional designers, experienced developers and testers with an approach of Six Sigma quality level give our clients the best in class, on time and compliant with the agreed requirements.

What Tecziq Offers

With experience of working in varied domains and industries like retail, education, online gaming, casino, etc our experts provide invaluable strategies, solutions and improvement suggestion. Our amalgamation of tools and technology, people and process for applications gives our clients an advantage over the competition. We work hand in hand with our clients to provide them with the best possible solution leading to optimum ROI.

check Experienced engineers & designers with an average 6+ years of experience

check Strong technology competency

check Multiple engagement models for varied projects and scenarios

check Proven Innovation and result driven methodology to exceed client satisfaction

check Competitive pricing and support models

check 24/7 support across all time zones

check Standardized Methodologies

check 100% Confidentiality

check Data and Information Security

Why us
Data & Information

Why Companies Choose Tecziq

ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 Certified
Data Information Security
Process Oriented Approach
Quality Focussed Team
Multidomain Technical Expertise
Longterm Relation Approach
Positive SSL