Our Model - Your selected and dedicated team working from our office, so you can focus towards growth of your core business.

An idea for a new PHP based project or product or looking for dedicated PHP developers to look after your existing project? You must be looking to get experienced and cost effective PHP developers from a professional organization with the flexibility of fast scaling up and scaling down. You can always count on Tecziq Solutions - an offshore PHP development company.

Our "Hire PHP Developer" is a win-win offshoring model. Offshoring is about increasing business efficiency to grow faster, saving on unwanted costs, quick scaling up and scaling down and putting focused effort on core areas of business.

Our PHP developers are tested on their capability to solve problems through code and not just write code. Our team has been trained and tested on not only producing great quality work but also have good time management and work management skills. Every member of our team is continuously honing his skills to not only be at par in the industry but to achieve more through his learning.

Why Hire Developer from us


You are good at your business and we are good at ours. Hiring a team from us helps you to keep your focus on your business side of things while we handle our part.

Fast Scaling

Hiring our team help you to scale up or scale down at a very fast turnaround time. Scale up with a reasonable lead time or Scale down with a reasonable notice period, and yes you do not have to go through any administrative or legal complexities

Get the Best

Though happens rarely but if you are not satisfied with the current set of team assigned to the project, we will identify and assign new person within a very short span of time without any impact to the work


A Project manager is assigned who handles both the managerial aspect as well as technical aspect between you and the team

Under Control

You get control on selecting your team members, they work as per process that suits and you are updated of everything that each and every member is doing or is planned to be doing. This helps you to plan better and deliver projects in a better way.

Scalable Success

Scale up your team with a reasonable lead time or Scale down it with a reasonable notice period without going through any administrative or legal complexities.


Our Process

Hire Dedicated Developers    Hire Dedicated Developers   Hire Dedicated Developers


Hire Developers - Demystified

How much does hiring a dedicated developers cost

Our team experience starts from 3+ years of experience of working on complex projects. Based on your requirement, our rates for dedicated developers start at $2000 for 160 hours of monthly development hours’ cycle in which, we include a project manager and a QA professional.

Team working during your local working hours

We generally work with atleast 3-4 overlapping hours with the client’s local hours, so both the teams communicate with ease. In special cases our team works fully in sync with the local hours.

Mode of communication

We use Email, Skype, Direct Phone access, Whatsapp, Hangout to communicate with our clients.

How are the projects managed, are there any tools?

We use our inhouse developed PM tool, Github, Slack and Freedcamp. However our team will be happy to adapt to any other Tools you use for project development and management.

What is the team selection process

We would love to offer that. Generally we are the best judge of which of our developers will be suitable for your projects once we understand your needs. We would first suggest you best of the developers that can fulfill your needs. However, if you are not satisfied with that, we can offer you alternatives and you can make a selection.

Are there any project or team report

It is your team and we believe in 100% transparency. Our clients get daily, weekly and monthly reports of your team’s work and time spent on each project. The report frequency, content and format are tailored as per client requirements and usability of these reports.

We need no compromise on quality

Our developers perform QA at certain level by utilizing code review, peer review and unit testing. But to get the product 100% compliant to your requirements we provide QA service as a complementary service for perfect verification and validation.

How does the contract look like

Generally there are no contracts but yes we do sign NDA and scope of work is discussed, however we expect our clients to hire resources from us for a minimum period of 3 months, not mandatory; also provide us at least 1 month notice period before scaling down their dedicated team.

What Tecziq Offers

With experience of working in varied domains and industries like retail, education, online gaming, casino, etc our experts provide invaluable strategies, solutions and improvement suggestion. Our amalgamation of tools and technology, people and process for applications gives our clients an advantage over the competition. We work hand in hand with our clients to provide them with the best possible solution leading to optimum ROI.

check Experienced engineers & designers with an average 6+ years of experience

check Strong technology competency

check Multiple engagement models for varied projects and scenarios

check Proven Innovation and result driven methodology to exceed client satisfaction

check Competitive pricing and support models

check 24/7 support across all time zones

check Standardized Methodologies

check 100% Confidentiality

check Data and Information Security

Why us
Data & Information

Why Companies Choose Tecziq

ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 Certified
Data Information Security
Process Oriented Approach
Quality Focussed Team
Multidomain Technical Expertise
Longterm Relation Approach
Positive SSL