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Tecziq Solutions is an independent specialty full service web and mobile development company. Driven by passion and conviction, we offer comprehensive web development and mobility solution. We work on projects locally and globally with startups to large scale agencies and direct customers.

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Our Portfolio

Over the years we have worked with multiple agencies and independent clients across the globe.

G-BIOSCIENCES : Biotechnology

Ecommerce Portal

Company Website

Mobile Application

Store Management Software

Inventory Management Software

Order Management Software

We have been involved with Gbiosciences in automating their internal processes, migrating their legacy systems and also building and maintaining their new systems which includes systems like Order Management, Inventory management, Ecommerce Portal, Sales team app and more. We have used opencart with more than 30 modules and components created to handle the multifaceted frontend and backend functionality for the ecommerce portal while Core php and Codeigniter is used for the other developed applications along with ios and android platforms.

YellowFin Robotics : Drone Technology

Brand Image Creation

User Friendly CMS

SEO Ready

Custom Creative package

Being a new brand in the market Yellowfin team wanted us to create a complete package for them that involved creation of a new brand image and also to bring out their service offerings clearly for their prospective clients. Also the team wanted us to provide provide them with a backend that can be easily managed. We used wordpress with some customization to provide backend and custom design to give the frontend look required by the client.

DAL Group : Business Conglomerate

Data Collection

Data compilation

Data Analytics

Present Status and Forecasting 

Customizable reporting tool

The biggest business conglomerate in whole fo Sudan, Africa. With multiple brands ranging from food, confectionery, dairy, softdrinks, heavy machinery, etc the requirement was to get involved in market research and analysis. We worked on developing automated data collection and analysis tool for the marketing team for further analysis and decision making. Core php, ios and android platforms were used to develop the application along with some third party software.

iBoomerang : SAAS Financial Services

Web Conferencing

Customer Management

Email Marketing  Software

Branded website Creation


Iboomerang has been involved in providing SAAS to the financial agents and thus have a suite of software that had to be put in place and maintained. It has been a long journey with Iboomerang and we have been involved in continously upgrading the system as per the business requirement. The system was also slowly moved from legacy technology and architecture to a more latest one. Core php, Laravel, Java, Reactjs are some of the technologies used for developing the various facets of the application.

Gordian Capital : Financial Services

Brand Creation

Custom CMS

Creative Content Package

Image and Content Provision

An established player in the financial domain and providing services to some of the big names in Singapore and Asia Pacific Region. A brand makeover was required starting with the corporate website upgrade. Complete custom designing was done for each page as per the message that was to delivered. WordPress with custom designed wordpress theme was used for corporate site and the application used Laravel as the backend technology.

Quantum Pharm Rx : Pharmateuticals

Ecommerce Portal

Company Website

Quickbook  Integration

Custom Quotation

Data Migration

The requirement was to replace the static product listing site with an ecommerce portal and also integrating the finanacial and quotation system with the portal. Opencart modules were created for custom quotation system and linked to the website. Data synching between Opencart and Quickbook desktop was required so a bridge software was created to talk with Quickbook Desktop version and the ecommerce portal.

Rideinn : Travel and Hospitality

Hotel Website

Social Media Branding

Search Engine Optimization

Maintenance and Upgrade

Complete overhauling of the website from a static page to its present state. As the Hotel tragtes mainly people from the Motorcycle touring community so special care was taken in its designing and creating the online brand. To keep the personal touch present as required by the owners the provision for online booking was not given. USP of place was to be highlighted to attract travellers. Also effort is being put to make it visible on google search results. The site was developed using wordpress with custom design.

Nino Bambino : Cloth & Textile Retail

Ecommerce Portal

Inventory Management

B2B ordering management

Search Engine Optimization

Nino Bambino deals in organic clothes for International clients but looking at the market scenario wanted to create their online presence for Indian market as well, so a portal on Magento platform for the Indian market was developed with standard functionalities and to cater to their Business partners custom functionality was developed for B2B customers. We also worked on creating brand presence on Social media as well as SEO work was done.

Vallar : Rental and Insurance

Corporate Website

Agent Management

Fleet Management

Rental Management

B2B communication Management

Customer Relationship Management

Starting of with application for managing car being provided in case accidental insurance to communicating with other vendors and managing the fleet of cars and managing ow agent to the corporate website all such application were designed and developed for Vallar as per their customized need. The project used wordpress, laravel and codeigniter as the technologies for development and talking between applications.

Rent 24 : Taxi Rental

Fleet Management

B2B Communication

Commission management

Driver Allocation

Rent24 provides Taxi on rentals basis to either garages or to direct customers whose vehicle has met an accident is under repair. Multiple linked portals had to be developed for managing car fleet, B2B communication and tracking, payment and commision and driver allocation. Laravel was used to develop the entire application.

EZ Forms : SAAS Data Management & Analytics

Web Api

Mobile Application

Web based Implementation

We have been involved in implementation of the form on web by developing wordpress module for wider accessibility. Development of web api and designing the mobile application as well as development of the same. IOS SDK was created so that it can be used as part of other applications.

Sayga : Food Production and Retail

Data Collection Automation

Data consolidation

Data Analytics

Data Reporting

Custom Report On the Go

With the biggest flour mill and related products, dairy products and confectionery Sayga is involved in market research and analysis of self and competitor products line. The system being used was paper and excel based and reporting and analysis was manual. The entire process right from data collection by the team till the management reporting was automated and provision was given for customizing of reports for purpose of slicing and dicing of the data and report for further analysis and inferences. Laravel was used to develop the tools that could also work offline.

Tmpoint : Ecommerce and Bill Payment

Ecommerce Portal

Mobile Application

Vendor Management

Online Bill Payment

Multi level rewards and loyalty system

Tecziq has been involved with Tmpoint right from the inception of the idea and have been instrumental in building the entire ecommerce business logic and flow for the company. Handling a diverse portfolio the portal has been developed along with amalgamation of multiple smaller components involved with handling vendor management, offline store, loyalty based system and bill payment of all services across Malaysia. Opencart was used as teh base platform and more than 25 modules/components were developed to handle all the features and functionalities.

Smith Analytical : Survey and Analytics

Company Website

Creative Assets

We were involved with complete re-designing of the website for Smith Analytical. New creative assets along with data migration was involved. It was also done in a record time. Custom designed, fast and SEO compatible company website developed in wordpress.

360 Auto Displays : Automotive Branding and Marketing

Company Website

Creative Assets

Video Editing

Content Writing

Image Optimization

Apart from the web design overhauling and development work the project also involved task related to images and video editing and optimization. The focus apart from the other things was also to provide a back-end that the client could use for future updates and maintenance. A fast and full custom designed web presence developed in wordpress.

GHAUM : Jewellery and Retail

Ecommerce Portal

Mobile Application

Custom Jewellery Design

Custom Module Development

Ecommerce portal with option for custom jewellery design was created in Magento. The main USP of the store is related to it’s history of jewellery making and that also customized for each user. The Diamond mount, diamond categories, gold categories and sizes all can be customized to get the desired ring.  A lot of effort on part of the client was spend in getting the entire content ready for the website and it took good understanding from the development team to get those implemented and come with a design and functionality that will create the wow effect for the buyers along with ease of use.

Gharkart : Ecommerce Retail

Ecommerce Portal

Mobile Application

Custom Magento Module Development

A geography based ecommerce portal catering to a particular region only. Developing of the portal which included lot of customizations and custom module development in Magento. Once the site was live and getting customers we got involved with designing and development of the android and ios mobile application. The challenge was to provide something different from the competitors yet easy to use for the customers and not break the normal flow of an ecommerce experience that users are comfortable with.

Catzwalk : Online Stitching Services

Ecommerce Portal

Mobile Application

Custom Measurement tool

Custom design  module

Order Management Software

A unique concept brought to life. The team at Catzwalk wanted to bring to the market a unique concept to the Women Cloth Stitching industry. Custom modules in opencart was developed for Online measurement tool and design your cloth tool which was provided to the customer so they do not have to visit a tailor and yet all information perfect to the “T” reaches the tailor. The challenge was in providing the same in a mobile application keeping in mind the user experience and not to make the process to tiring and cumbersome.

Parksouth : Ecommerce Horse Feed

Ecommerce Portal

Creative Assets

Logo Creation

Requirement was converting the static site to an ecommerce site and also provide an easy to use backend interface to the client. The manual procedure of taking orders and delivery was also to be continued for ease of the current buyers so that also had to be integrated into this woo-commerce based portal to keep all the sales figures at one place.

Apple Support : Ecommerce Electronics and After Sales

Ecommerce Portal

Company Website

Custom Module for Product Customization by Customers

The existing portal had to be redesigned and redeveloped with added functionalities major one of which was to develop a product customization module so that customers could customize the product that they were ordering along with showcasing them each component tied together visually as well. WordPress was used with module development and admin customization.

Apex Human : Fitness and Diet

Fitness Portal

Personal Training

Personal Diet Planning

Healthy recipies

Before and after trend

Subscription Based Model

A subcription based fitness portal for 8 week challenge developed for fitness enthusiast to subscribe to and get enrolled in a fitness program run by an IFBB Pro Athlete. The back-end was developed in wordpress which is customized to handle creation of training, diets, recipes, macro calculation, assignment of these personally to users based on their goals and tracking weekly progress report.

American Fitness Contests : Fitness and Contest

Company Website

Event Management

Search Engine Optimization

Creative Content

Social Media Marketing

A fitness and event organizing group sharing information online with fitness enthusiasts and also bringing fitness events. A robust online presence along with promotion and marketing on the social media platforms is required. We have been working closely with the team at AFC to provide design, development, creative content creation and online marketing services. We have been involved with handling the online campaign and also upgrade and maintenance of the wordpress based blogging site and teh event management portal.

Luxury Real Estate Search : Real Estate Sale and Agent Management

Property Management

Agent and Agencies Management

Custom Design Service

Agencies portal

Enhanced Search Management

Upgrading the legacy portal to the latest Laravel version. Custom designing the application frontend. Functionality related to propert management, location management, agent management, commission management were custom developed as per the requirement of the client. Along with these what was required was an enhanced search option for quick and accurate search so that users do not turn away. The design was a challenge as lot of images and information had to be showcased in such a manner that it was easy for users. Functionality is also provided for communication with Agents and Agencies creation and management of agents by agencies is also provided.

The Vintage Car Garage : Ecommerce Vintage Automative Part Sales

Online Marketplace

Store Management

Vehicle part customization

Bidding system

Laravel is used to build the online marketplace for vintage automotives parts. It has has the functionality related to the store management for keeping track of the inventory. Bidding system for vintage vehicle or parts could also be setup as seen fit by the administration. Custom design as per the requirement of the client and log creation was done.

The Naked Olive Lounge : Hospitality Events and Restaurant

Company Website

Creative Content

Content Management

A famous restaurant in the US which is also involved with hosting various events in their premises. They wanted to have a modern looking website that not only showcases their delicious menu but also what all they are involved in. We were also involved in providing the creative content to bring about more attractive front-end and to add to the credibility to what they claim we included testimonials from various social platforms like google, facebook, twitter and yelp.  Considering the scope and requirement we went with wordpress as the backend CMS.

Immunotag : B2B Bio Sciences and Pharmaceuticals

B2B Portal

Inventory Management

Quotation Management

Category and Porduct Management

Immunotag is selling life science and pharmaceutical products and they wanted online B2B ecommerce portal. Provision was required to upload bulk products as well as provide the Quote request in such a way that just like add to cart users can add to quote and then the entire process is automated from there upto order receiving which includes providing quote, creating cart from that quote and then user buying the product online and tracking of the order. Opencart was use as the ecommerce platform with custom module development for Quote functionality.

BT Lab Systems : Ecommerce Bio Science Research Apparatus


HubSpot Integration

Inventory Management

Store Management Software

Custom Fedex  Module Development

Providing apparatus for bio science research to Research Institutes, educational institutions and pharmaceutical organizations; the team at Immunotag wanted a simple to use portal for their customers to place order and also related functionalities like store management, inventory management. Specific shipping facility was required considering the type of products that they are dealing in and so custom module was developed for Fedex to be integrated with the Opencart platform.

Edana : Education and Social Communication

Social Communication


Mobile Application


Institution Admin

Edana is a SAAS based moble application for education institutions and their staff. The Edana mobile application is intended for use by the staff of the institutions educational management software. Through this app the staff can manage things like communication, documentations, financials, notifications, news and more. The overall backend for the application handles more and is accessed via the web portal. More functionalities are underway for the app. The app is available both for android and ios.

Ed-Admin : SAAS Education Institution Management

Eductaional Portal

College Managemenet system


Mobile Application

Learning Management System

Teaching Management Software

A web based software solution working in SAAS mode. With multiple modules the aim of the application is to streamline and simplify the education management system by integrating administrative, teaching and learning tasks into one user-friendly application. Multiple modules are developed using Node js ad react Js technology, with core aim at the application being fast, secure and highly scalable as new modules keep on coming and with increasing number of users it is very important to keep the above aspects into consideration.

USA Benefits Group : SAAS Financial Agent Management Services

Agency and Management

Sales and Marketing Management

Customer Management


Training Management

Corporate website

A SAAS model based application which caters to a huge network of independent health and life insurance professionals. The portal developed using  is used as a tool for sales, marketing, customer management, tracking and rating management. We have also been involved in developing the corporate website as well. Core php, Laravel and suite CRM is used for the development of the various modules of the entire system.

PMP Preparation : Education and Learning

Institution Backend

Mobile Application


Self Hosted

Learning and prepration on the go is the main aim of this mobile app. Educational institutions can provide learning material for preparation and/or revision, practice tests, time based practice tests, mock tests, notes sharing between students and more through this app. The backend is developed in core php while the mobile application is available on both ios and android platforms. The mobile application is available both in SAAS as well as seld hosted model.

Logixeye : Social Security

Mobile Application

Live Tracking

nearby places ratings

Nearby Helplines


Incident Reporting

A social security app with the aim to provide it’s user a community based service related to ratings, reviews, incident reporting, live tracking by/of friends and family, SOS and know about various Helplines nearby your loacation. Google api has been used and the mobile app is available in both ios and android platform.The mobile app has been given to option to show nearby places based on various categories like ATM, Bakery, Restaurants, etc as well the option is there to see far off places by entering the location. Safety rating, reviews and incidents in the recent past can be seen by selecting a place of interest. You can send live location and also live movement tracking of friends can be done or your friends can track you.

SEM : Location Based Survey and Event Management

Mobile Application

Survey Management

Event Management

Community management

No Central Admin

Geo Location Based Application

A geo location based community development and survey app. This is a no central admin control application that is managed by the community admin and members. Live update on the active surveys as well as graphical reports on the closed surveys can be viewed. Events related to communities can also be created and notified to all community members. The mobile application is developed on both android and ios platform.

Print AR : Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality

Mobile Application


Dynamic Target and Output Management

An augmented reality app for Drummond, a printing services providing company. The company also wanted to get have the flexibility to add as many new targets and output as they like. The AR app is capable at handling images, video, urls and 3D animation. We have provided a simple yet robust backend that can handle multiple formats of target as well as output files to cover a vast landscape. ARkit, EasyAR and Unity is used for the development of the mobile application on ios and android platform.

Fitness First : Fitness, Diet and Training

Training Management

Diet Management

Mobile Application

Progress Tracking

Macro Calcuation

SAAS Model

Trainer Management

Plan Based and Recurring subscription Model

Web Backend

Mobile Application

A fitness mobile application targetted for Gym and personal trainer on SAAS model. Main admin is web based while the trainer and user interaction is through the mobile app. Multiple types of training, diets, recipe can be added and assigned to users or subscription packages. Daily , weekly, monthly progress can be tracked along with graphical representation and trainers can provide their feedback on the progress. Goals and Macros can be set and trainers can prepare a detailed report on the progress and share the same with user. A complete package for Gym owners an personal trainers to provide their clients a guide and plan to be used on the go and that can always be referred back along with looking at the progress being made and modifications required. Python is used for developing the admin backend and the mobile application is on ios and android platforms.

Fly Fishing International : Book Reading

Book Reading

Mobile Application

Book Management


Reading Style Customization

A book reading app with a web backend to control the entire book management. Option is provided to read sample of books before going to subscription for reading the entire book. Multiple options like horizontal and vertical scrolling of pages, change font size, change the light condition and even change font style to read the book in the format the user is most comfortable in. Backend admin is developed in core php and the mobile application is developed on Ios and android platforms.

Kloud Soft : Document Management System

Enterprise Solution

SAAS Model

Application Designing

Application Flow

Html Conversion

Folder and Document Management

An online document management system with the flow and structure similar to a windows system was developed. The entire flow and structure had to give the feel of a folder structure of a windows system. The application also has provision for configuration management, commenting with provision to mark what section the comment is intended for even to the precision of the sentence. The html work required lot of experience and finesse so as to give a smooth flow to the user. The application was a Dot Net applictaion.

Buddypost : Courier and Logistics

Company Website

Warehouse portal

Driver portal

Admin portal

Mobile Application

Logistics portal

B2B Portal

SAAS Model

A SAAS model based B2B application with option for individual customers as well. The entire courier application was designed and developed at Tecziq covering all the aspects right from creating different type of services for individuals and B2B clients till the final delivery of products. The application included functionality like creating different type of deliveries, cost setting based on package size and weight and location, Uploading of multiple package details at once, Wallet system to buy credits beforehand, Warehouse management for packages, driver management and delivery management, driver runsheet generation, delivery tracking and update by drivers, warehouses as well as customer. The application is developed in Codeigniter and the mobile application is a Hybrid application.

Muses : Ecommerce Fashion

Ecommerce Portal

360 degree view

CRM Integration

Vtiger customization

Inventory Management

Lookbook And Gift Card

Three of the major requirement of the Muses team was to give the application a very clean and simple look, all thumbnails on mouseover rollover should turn 360 degree to provide overall look and feel of the dress and integration of the portal with Vtiger along with some customization in Vtiger. All this has to be achieved in a a very tight timeline considering the launch of the website. We were able to provide all the requirements on time. Opencart was used as the ecommerce platform and required some module development o match few other functionalities required by the client.

FermaFlooring : ERP Solution Inventory and Order Management

ERP Solution

Inventory Management

Order Management Software

Quickbook Integration

Dealing in floorings and cabinets, Ferma flooring wanted to have an ERP solution handling all it’s Inventory, Order, Sales and Finances. A custom solution is developed with integration with Quickbooks to provide and overall system. The system is developed in Python as required by the client. A intermediary application is created to talk between the ERP solution and Quickbooks for CRUD data flow and syncing. 

Sierra Nevada Classic : Fitness Event Management

Company Website

Event Management

Online Ticketing System

Creative Assets

Social Media Marketing

A Fitness event management company that organizes fitness competitions and shows wanted to have online presence as well as instead of using other platforms for ticket selling they wanted it on their site. Custom designing along with creation of ticket management system was done. WordPress was used with ticket management module development. Social media marketing and providing creative contents and assets is also being handled.