Is Laravel the Future of PHP

Laravel php

Laravel is a modern web application framework known for its unique designs. It follows an MVC structure and features the capability of customizing web applications in easier, quicker way. When it was still in its infancy, there’s a lot of skepticism going its way. However, it has a fair share of enthusiasts who believed in […]

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Laracon 2018 – US Chapter Dates and Details


The Laracon US 2018 will be held in Chicago Illinois, and dates for the Laracon are 25-26 ‘July, 2018. The venue will be the “The Museum of Science and Industry” which is one of the largest science museums in the world. What acts as icing on cake is that every attendee for Laracon will also […]

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How to Convert Your SQL to Laravel Query Builder

laravel development

You think of something and someone out there will already be workig on it. Well not always but yes most of the time. If you are someone learning Laravel a great help is provided by Orator an online tool which converts the legacy SQL queries into Laravel database query builder version. As a learner if […]

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