Advantages of Opencart

Advantages of Opencart

e-commerce has come a long way and it is growing day by day. In today’s time e-commerce has taken shape of something inevitable, something which if not all but most of the businesses are looking up to. Businesses are looking for alternatives or addon to their retail efforts and conventional sales and marketing campaigns; and this is where ecommerce fits in. Ecommerce exposes your products and services to the world on a broader spectrum with new avenues keep on being opened up in that way when you are dealing online.
One of the ecommerce platform which is quite handy, easy to setup and modify is Opencart. It is an open source platform built on php and quite widely used across the globe. A few of the advantages of Opencart are:


Opencart follows MVC and XHTML
Opencart architecture follows the latest and most popular program model called MVC (Model-View-Controller). Also the script of Opencart is XHTML compliant which is at par with bigger tools of the trade like Magento.


Setup and Modifications of Opencart
Using a standard model i.e. MVC model makes it quite easy to “get around” the code of Opencart and also modify it. If a company is starting off with ecommerce to test the water it is best suited as it is very fast to setup as well as modifications can easily be done as compared to some of it counterparts.


Opencart has large number of plugins
Though Opencart does not have all the functionalities as its counterpart Magento but that gap is filled through thousands of FREE and PAID plugins. Add to this the ease of creating plugins even if they do not exist readymade. On an average the cost involved in creating a plugin for Opencart is much cheaper than its counterpart.


Strong Opencart Community
Technical support you can get from discussion boards and a number of users contributing to Opencart is substantial.


Efficiency and server resources
Opencart is less demanding when it comes Hardware or memory and the reason for it is that in Opencart there is not much built-in functionality. Of course adding too many plugins could eventually lead to a drop in speed and efficiency.


Simple Administration Section
Neat, clear and easy to manage administration panel is one of the biggest advantages of OpenCart. It does not look as advanced as Magento, but it’s a better choice for the first-timers.


Multiple Payment and Shipping Option

Another great feature of Opencart is that it provides multiple payment gateway and shipping options by default. This saves a huge amount of time when creating an ecommerce store and just getting the keys from respective gateway gives you the basic functionality to get no with selling and accepting payments and shipping products.


One of the best at beginner level, easy and fast to setup and easy modifications, ease of creating plugins are some of the factors that goes in favor of Opencart. No doubt it is not a complete solution that caters to everything for all business needs and also has lesser functionalities as compared to Magento, which again is covered through modules and plugins. Due to its more positives Opencart is one of the leading ecommerce platform being used by thousands of ecommerce businesses across the globe.

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