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OpenCart Version 3 What’s New

So Opencart 3.0 is in the market and there are some subtle changes that have been introduced in this new version of Opencart. Some of the major changes in Opencart V3.0 are:

  • New Interface for Admin Panel
  • Marketplace for Extension Integrated in the Admin
  • Theme Editor
  • Language Editor
  • Multilingual SEO URLs
  • Improved Filter Option for Admin
  • More Flexible Reports
  • Statistics
  • Removed FTP Tab

New Interface for Admin Panel

OpenCart 3.0 has a brand new & improved interface for the admin panel. With some minor but detailed upgrades it now looks more compact. You can now see that there is the user’s icon in the profile menu on top right. This takes you to profile editing in the admin panel.
Adding to it is the category menu hover and the new hamburger menu outside the main vertical container.

Multilingual SEO URLs

With Opencart 3.0 you get multi-lingual SEO URLs. Also SEO Keyword is now part of category editing in form a new Tab.

New Filters for Admin

Welcome to the world of Filters. Opencart 3.0 brings with it multiple filter options across the admin panel. Let’s have a look at filter option provided in Products section. This is a much better layout and looks more organized.

Filters are located on the right hand side and the search can be done by similar value like in the previous version. The SEO Keyword section here also just like category section is moved inside the Product.

Extensions Marketplace

This is one of the most sought after update that has been provided. The marketplace is now part of the admin panel and you can start downloading after entering your Marketplace credentials.

Also along with a new interface that has been provided for Extension Installer a new section is added which showcases your Install history for this store.

Theme Editor

One of the most important upgrades from perspective of developers is the theme editor which now gives access to theme modification from the admin panel itself. For editing you will be using Twig language.

Language Editor

Another nice update is in the form of Language editor. It gives you the power to edit any and all of the texts present in the storefront irrespective of the language in use.
Just select the Route contains the element/text you want to edit and then choose it in the Key field. What is good is you also see the Default text  and there is provision to enter the new one in the Value field.


The FTP tab is has been removed from the System Settings menu.


The Tools tab is now renamed to Maintenance and it’s where your Backup / Restore, Uploads and Error Logs are located.


Choosing the type of report you want to see in Openart 3.0 is much more easier now and add to it he filter provision on the Right just like other sections. The type of reports are managed from extension and makes it easier to decide which one you want. In Extensions you can just select the reports and install them.

That completes our overview of what’s new in Opencart latest version. There are more updates which though are not major but surely are good to have.

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