Why use Opencart

Why Use Opencart As Your Ecommerce Platform

OpenCart is one of the most popular e-commerce platform being used across the globe for setting up an online storefront. There are multitude of platforms available in the market and they all have pros and cons and Opencart is no exception. But there are a few things which make Opencart a favorite among the other platforms

1.It’s Free
OpenCart is released under the GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3) and so it’s freely available for anyone to use.

2.Easy to Use
OpenCart has a very friendly administrative section. Even as a layman you can use Opencart because the menus are designed in a very user-friendly manner. Everything is ready and available in such a way that most people with even a little experience of working with administration panel of a Platform or a CSM will feel right at home. Add to it that Opencart2 also provides a mobile-friendly interface and the ability to use the admin panel on cross devices.

3.Thousands of Extensions and modules
Opencart marketplace boasts of thousands of modoules and extensions for modifications, new features, parsers, marketing tools, etc. In most of the cases you get what you want.

4.Ready to use Themes and Templates
If you are squeezed on budget and / or time to get a custom design created for your online store, you can easily leverage ready-to-use themes and templates for Opencart. These might be 100% what you want but yes they do cover a lot of your requirement.

5.Fast and Easy Development
Opencart code is really well structured and thought out; it uses a nice implementation of the the Model View Controller (MVC) pattern which made things really easy to work on. A person well versed in technology like PHP and MySQl can easily develop extensions or customize OpenCart as per your business need.

6.Easy to Use Multi-Store
The multi-store management feature of Opencart allows you to work with several stores from one admin area. Multi-store option is a bon and it makes managing several online stores very easy even if the stores are using different design, products, modules, customers and languages.

7.Large database of documents and forum
Opencart being one of the most widely used platform attracts lots of discussion and so a lot of information exists on Stackoverflow, Opencart and other forums. The official Opencart forum is the place to go to get advice in case there is any issue that you might be facing. There is a high chance that you’ll find the help you’re looking for.

8.Virtual File Structure Available for making modifications – VQMOD and OCMOD
It is always a bad idea and not a standard way to make changes to the core of any platform, reason being that editing the core will cause it to be very tricky to update the platform in future, or an update will cause some of the important changes to be erased. But a lot of times custom coding can not be avoided.
OpenCart has adopted a version of vQmod created by Google. It helps to edit files in the core of the platform BUT without any changes! Special files store instructions for changes which are carried out inside core (or any other files, like extensions or language files). What VQMOD does is create a virtual copy of the original file and they’re overwritten by the vQmod instructions PHP file. Thus giving you best of both the world.

9.Easy and fast to make the store Multi-Language
Whether it is Right-to-Left(RTL) or Left-to-Right(LTR); you can translate Opencart to any language. OpenCart is a language-neutral platform; thanks to UTF-8.

10.SEO Friendly Platform
Opencart can very easilt be called a SEO optimized platform. In Opencart you can create SEO friendly URLs, generate Sitemap, key in meta description, etc. By default Opencart also provides Google analytics extension inside the admin panel. Opencart has got good amount of tools for On-page SEO.

In spite of the above mentioned good points there still are some flaws in Opencart like the other competitive platforms but still it is being chosen by a lot of people simply because the competitors are oversaturated with unnecessary options which a for small and medium stores is almost unnecessary.

Nowadays there are multiple platforms available but the main thing that should help you select is your business need. If you are a professional developer and comfortable with Model-view-controller (MVC) you can do a lot with this cart.