mobile application

Mobile Development Lifecycle – Part 2

Phase 2: Design

Mobile application phase

Phase 1 involved idea generation, idea filtering and critical review of ideas based on 5 Ws and 2Ps. The design phase encompasses of project initiation and the design phase. The project initiation phase will cover mainly of defining the outlies of the project, it’s scope and complexity; basis this the project team will be formed.

The team should involve representatives from all the stakeholder departments which includes but is not limited to product development, production, QA, marketing and legal. Also the team should decide on a communication protocol so that all involved are on the same page.
The statement of work, functional requirement specification and project management plan are the key deliverables for the Project Initiation team. These will include criteria for when a product is considered done, the project manage¬ment approach, stakeholders required for milestone review, and additional criteria such as requirements for scope change and final list of features for release and last but not the least the unit acceptance criteria.

Once these documents have been created and vetted, and plans are in place; the stakeholders will grant final approval before moving to phase 3. The document can be sent for review to stakeholders but the final go ahead should lie with the project sponsor or whomsoever he/she has selected.

Once the feedback(s) (if any), are incorporated into final statement of work and functional requirements specification and final approval is received the project moves to phase 3 – development and testing.