At Tecziq Solutions we have come up with an in-house S P E E E D model. SPEEED is our simple yet attention to detail methodology for handling each and every project that we undertake. SPEED stands for Strategize Plan Execute Evaluate Enhance Deliver. All of the 5 stages in themselves have 4 more facets to it which are Plan Do Check & Act.

SPEEED is testimony to the fact that well planned effort goes into each and every stage of our execution. Process oriented approach helps us to deliver services to our clients, services which are on time and exceeding clients expectation first time, every time. Continual improvement is a way of life with us and its foundation is based on our experience and valuable feedbacks from our clients and employees.

Typical steps involved in a project being executed at Tecziq

Development Methodology


Requirement Analysis

The first and foremost important area for delivering what the clients require is gathering, understanding and managing not only explicit but implicit requirements.Requirements gathering is one of the most vital parts of a successful project. The information related to requirements compiled forms a basis for further stages of the product/service life cycle. Success or failure of a project is mainly dependent on the outcome of this activity. Typical activities include understanding the business objective and flow, capturing the functional and non-functional requirements and obtaining users implicit and explicit requirements.

Questionnaires, conference calls, meetings form an integral part of the methods employed to collect and understand the requirements. Project pre-proposal, proposal and statement of work (SOW) are used to explain the requirements to the users in black and white. This gives clarity on the work that needs to be done us an to the users.


Once the requirements are finalized, our technical team of designer, developer and project manager come into picture for creating a design/framework for client and internal team understanding as to what is required from the project and give a glimpse of how the end product will look.Design is a twofold exercise. One is the architectural design of the proposed system at a level that permits an understanding of its relationship to its operating environment (business), and the relationships among its main elements and this forms the core of the project.


Based on the finalized design/framework/approach we start the development of the project. The idea is simple, end product should be 100 percent what the design explains and what the final requirement says. Development is based on the industry standards.

Quality Analysis

Our development phase takes care of Verification Are we building the product RIGHT? i.e., Verification is a process that makes sure that the software product is developed in the right way, while our quality analysis part takes care of Validation The product being built is right? i.e. whatever software product is being developed, it should do what the user expects it to do. Right from the time of requirement finalization testers are involved to create plan, methodology and test cases to check the correctness and completeness of requirement in the end product/service. Standard and specific to the project test cases are run to find bugs in the product so that they can be closed and defect free delivery is made.

Quality Delivery

Once we get a go ahead from Quality analysis department we create the delivery package which goes through final check by the project manager before being handed over to the client. In order to deliver a product that satisfies and delights you, a final round of inspection is done by our Quality Assurance team.

Risk Analysis

We are concerned about the security of the project and data so we conduct Risk management on project. It consists of the risk identification, risk mitigation planning and risk monitoring and control.

Project Management

Project management is accomplished through the application and integration of the project management processes of initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling.


Our pool of resources has the skill and capacity required to complete project activities. We believe that if project team member do not possess required competencies, performance can be affected. We proactively and periodically check team members training requirement and get them trained. This brings effectiveness for the entire organization.

What Tecziq Offers

With experience of working in varied domains and industries like retail, education, online gaming, casino, etc our experts provide invaluable strategies, solutions and improvement suggestion. Our amalgamation of tools and technology, people and process for applications gives our clients an advantage over the competition. We work hand in hand with our clients to provide them with the best possible solution leading to optimum ROI.

check Experienced engineers & designers with an average 6+ years of experience

check Strong technology competency

check Multiple engagement models for varied projects and scenarios

check Proven Innovation and result driven methodology to exceed client satisfaction

check Competitive pricing and support models

check 24/7 support across all time zones

check Standardized Methodologies

check 100% Confidentiality

check Data and Information Security

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